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"Make the rule and co-create with other masters." (RI) describes this eduScrum Shu Ha Ri Learning path stage best. It focuses the learning about how to train and accompany the teachers and facilitators of agile learning and teaching inspired by eduScrum.

This beautiful learning area is one impressive result of the close and engaged work of hundreds of passionate learners and educators from all over the world. We are really proud and grateful for what the community of eduScrum Certified trainers, friends and supporters have realized within just one decade of eduScrum! THANK YOU!

- eduScrum Certified Practitioner - Definition of Doing needed for entering this 'eduScrum Ri Mastering' stage
- Certification: eduScrum Certified Trainer - Definition of Purpose
- Next possible steps: entering all eduScrum Shu Ha Ri learning stages and Art2BeAgile sessions as a learner or trainer
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