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What do squirrels really often do? Yes, of course, they love to find and collect nuts! We have put a lot of knowledge about agile learning, teaching & co-creating inspired by eduScrum into insightful nutshells. Enjoy!


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What do bees usually do? Yes, of course, they collect nectar to make honey! Our eduScrum community is highly intrinsicly self-organised like swarm of bees. Would you like to make some honey as well? 


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Agile learning and teaching means to work together in an iteratively and incrementally co-creative way.

Like dolphins we dive deep, come up, swim, learn and play together. Would you like to know where and when? Click here...


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Learning within our eduScrum Community means to explore your own way of
learning on our Shu Ha Ri learning path by yourself and with others. Have you ever discovered a fascinating starfish? Here, you might find and share your agile learning treasures leading to your level of certification.
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