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eduScrum World Journey Sessions

Monthly, we look at how eduScrum is being applied in a wide variety of teaching and learning projects in now over 40 countries. Are you just as curious about it as we are? Then take a look. Currently, the World Journey sessions are taking place in English:

- September 27th, 9.30 am - 12.30 pm (CET)
- October 31st, 2 pm - 5 pm (CET)
- November 29th, 9.30 am - 12.30 pm (CET)

With your active, financial and co-creative engagement you contribute to make the further development of agile learning, teaching and co-creating inspired by eduScrum happen! 
Format & Duration

3-4 hrs live sessions & online


monthly sessions, ongoing course




You can join all the live sessions via Zoom for FREE! Paid access to session contents, like the Miroboard or shared documents, for 24 days.



per year / pro Jahr
incl. Community of Practice & eduScrum Research Gatherings

Bridging our Annual eduScrum Gatherings

Our eduScrum World Journey Sessions

  • create opportunities to meet up within the eduScrum community
  • ensure that eduScrum Cert. trainers can meet up monthly
  • provide learning, teaching & research materials
  • give space for the eduScrum Community of Practice
  • is the place for our reviews in the learning path area "eduScrum Definition of Done" (eduScrum Cert. Teacher) and the annual contribution to become/stay an "eduScrum Definition of Done" (eduScrum Cert. Practitioner)

Willy Wijnands
& Kristina Fritsch

Together with passionate educators, students and friends of the eduScrum Community, Willy Wijnands, Founder of eduScrum, and Kristina Fritsch, Co-Creator of eduScrum have developed this learning space for supporting your personal growth in the fields of agile learning, teaching & co-creating.
Zusammen mit engagierten Pädagogen, Studenten und Freunden der eduScrum Community haben Willy Wijnands, Gründer von eduScrum, und Kristina Fritsch, Co-Creator von eduScrum, diesen Lernraum entwickelt, um Ihr persönliches Wachstum in den Bereichen des agilen Lernens, Lehrens und Mitgestaltens zu unterstützen.
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