eduScrum Research Gatherings

We strongly need to gather and structure more research data and findings interactively and agile after one decade of experimenting and practicing agile learning, teaching & co-creating inspired by eduScrum. For realizing this aim we invite and encourage passionate educators, curious researchers and eternal students to join our eduScrum Research Gatherings.

With your active, financial and co-creative engagement you contribute to make the further development of agile learning, teaching and co-creating inspired by eduScrum happen!

Upcoming dates:
- Wednesday, September 7th, 3-5 pm
- Wednesday, November 2nd, 3-5 pm

Format & Duration

 2 hrs zoom sessions & online


monthly sessions, ongoing course




12,50 €
per 36 days / pro 36 Tage

125 €
per year / pro Jahr
in the bundle with eduScrum World Journey & eduScrum Community of Practice Sessions

Research on Agile Learning & Teaching

Citizen Science for

  • supporting academic research
  • gathering versatile insights into the way of applying eduScrum
  • reflecting and adapting experiences
  • a profound transfer between educational theories and the practical doing and being agile in situations of learning, teaching and co-creating

Willy Wijnands, Suzanne Lagerweij & Kristina Fritsch

Together with passionate educators, students and friends of the eduScrum Community, Willy Wijnands, Founder of eduScrum, and Kristina Fritsch, Co-Creator of eduScrum have developed this learning space for supporting your personal growth in the fields of agile learning, teaching & co-creating.
Zusammen mit engagierten Pädagogen, Studenten und Freunden der eduScrum Community haben Willy Wijnands, Gründer von eduScrum, und Kristina Fritsch, Co-Creator von eduScrum, diesen Lernraum entwickelt, um Ihr persönliches Wachstum in den Bereichen des agilen Lernens, Lehrens und Mitgestaltens zu unterstützen.
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