Lesson series

eduScrum Jam Sessions

"When we want to learn, co-develop and co-create jamming is the best way to do so. Because you can't jam and e.g. write songs together without any self-confidence, inspiration, fundamental skills and trust."
Format & Duration

 0,5 - 1 hrs zoom sessions & online


monthly sessions, ongoing course


eduScrum Shu Learning


for free :-)

Getting in Contact & Getting to Know

More than saying just "Hello"

  • meet eduScrum co-creators and trainers from different countries
  • get in contact with other people being interested in eduScrum
  • do your first active steps into the eduScrum community
  • start, if you like, your eduScrum Shu Ha Ri learning path experience
  • stay or become even more curious about what'going on in the eduScrum community and the Agile Living Room
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