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Keystones for Agile Learning - the eduScrum point of view

Are you thinking about studying or researching the main ideas of agile learning, teaching and co-creating? This course gives you insights about this versatile topic from the eduScrum community's point of view. You can join this online course separately or as preparation for the following step on the eduScrum Shu Ha Ri learning path: our eduScrum Basic Training.
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Sie möchten die Grundlagen agilen Lernens, Lehrens und Mitgestaltens entdecken? Dieser Kurs gibt Ihnen Einblicke in dieses vielseitige Thema aus der Sicht der eduScrum Community. Sie können diesen Online-Kurs separat oder als Vorbereitung für den nächsten Schritt des eduScrum Shu Ha Ri Lernpfades, dem eduScrum Basis Training, belegen.

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Starting date

feel free to start whenever you woul like to start (after Sep 1st)


€ 75

Discovering the Aspects of Agile Learning

Finding the Keystones

  • Discover what Agile Learning is about
  • Connect Agile Learning with the skills we need to develop in our learners in the complex 21st century
  • Get to know how to succeed with your 'learning product development' and the connection to the learning chances of eduScrum
  • Take a first look at the eduScrum framework , the eduScrum guide to get a deeper impression of how eduScrum works and dive into the eduScrum Shu Ha Ri learning path
  • Contribute to our glossary and dive into the concept of "becoming mature" in agile learning, teaching & co-creating.

Willy Wijnands, Kristina Fritsch, Maike Thordsen & Suzanne Lagerweij

As a team of the founder of eduScrum, Willy Wijnands, and experienced eduScrum Certified Trainers we would like to offer you keystones supporting your understanding of agile learning, teaching and co-creating. 
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