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eduScrum Basic Training
- step 3 of 3

eduScrum® online international training: 4 sessions (16 hours total ) for achieving the "eduScrum Certified Student ” Certificate (Definition of Ready). After the first sessions, you go into your own practice. We finish this training in a 4th Follow Up session. It's the bridge into the Community of Practice you can take.

Here you can book the third session:
Follow Up Session bridging the eduScrum Community of Practice
- transfering the eduScrum students' experience to the individual learning and teaching environment
- clarifying remaining and upcoming questions about how to implement, apply and practice agile learning, teaching and co-creating inspired by eduScrum
- first steps of accompanying (coaching) approaches to make aspects or even the whole eduScrum framework happen
Format & Duration

4 hrs zoom session & online


different opportunities to step in, ongoing course

Level & Language

eduScrum Shu Learning


125 €

Upcoming Sessions 2022

- Thu, Sep 1st, 8.30 am - 12.30 pm (CET)
- Thu, Sep 1st, 1- 5 pm (CET)
- Mon, Oct 24th, 1 - 5 pm (CET)
- Tue, Nov 22nd, 8.30 am - 12.30 pm (CET)

(Choose one of them to step in and re-join if you like.)
[The price of the training is € 750,- per person when you book all three parts of the eduScrum Basic Training as a bundle. The maximum amount of participants will be 18. In this online training and we will work active, and hands-on with Zoom and Google Jamboard, and Miro. Costs for international training, for training possibilities in your country, take contact with us. If it's not possible for you to join because of the costs. Get in touch with us and we can think together about other ways to make your contribution. If you would like to pay via bank transfer, please, get in contact with us via info@eduScrum.nl ]
Ending up the eduScrum Shu Learning Area

Explore you opportunities of agile learning

  • discover with your eduScrum team and training group how to realize aspects of eduScrum
  • experience what the eduScrum Community of Practice sessions look and feel like
  • develop further agile learning in your educational environment
  • continue, if you like, your eduScrum Shu Ha Ri learning path experience
  • stay or become even more curious about what'going on in the eduScrum community and the Agile Living Room

Willy Wijnands
& Kristina Fritsch

Together with passionate educators, students and friends of the eduScrum Community, Willy Wijnands, Founder of eduScrum, and Kristina Fritsch, Co-Creator of eduScrum have developed this learning space for supporting your personal growth in the fields of agile learning, teaching & co-creating.
Zusammen mit engagierten Pädagogen, Studenten und Freunden der eduScrum Community haben Willy Wijnands, Gründer von eduScrum, und Kristina Fritsch, Co-Creator von eduScrum, diesen Lernraum entwickelt, um Ihr persönliches Wachstum in den Bereichen des agilen Lernens, Lehrens und Mitgestaltens zu unterstützen.
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