eduScrum Basic Training - Bundle

eduScrum® online international training: 4 sessions (16 hours total ) for achieving the certificate 'eduScrum Certified Student - Definition of Ready'.

What's included?

Exceptional training methods

We guarantee an exceptional experience with flexible learning paths and professional guidance.Enjoy the combination of asynchroneous online learning, online live sessions and practical agile learning team experience.

15 % discount

This bundle will be a lightweight introduction to getting started with eduScrum in a stable team when you decide to join all sessions. For people going to have the whole training as a bundle we offer 11,5% discount!
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eduScrum Basic Training - Bundle

eduScrum® online international training: 4 sessions (16 hours total ) for achieving the "eduScrum Cert. Student ” Certificate (Definition of Ready). After the first sessions, you go into your own practice. We finish this training in a 4th Follow Up session. It's the bridge into the Community of Practice you can take.

- 4 sessions à 4 hours including follow up session
We would be glad to welcome you on your first steps on the eduScrum® Shu Ha Ri Learning Path within our next international eduScrum® basic training class.
Our Three Steps to Go
About the WHY
- getting to know agile in education and eduScrum®
- gaining an understanding by some playful experience

About the HOW & the WHAT
- experiencing eduScrum® from a student’s point of view

About your personal "As… I would like… because… so that…"
What would you like to do with eduScrum®? Steps into your agile educational, practical environment…

After this basic training you:
- Are able to transform a subject into the eduScrum way of working
- Have insights to write an assignment with a clear why, and bring content into a context, where the curriculum criteria are included
- Know how to coach students and teams in their personal and team development process and guide them to be self-organizing,
- Know approaches of cultivating 21st-century skills of the students, especially: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking,
- Know how to encourage students, so they become autonomous, feel free, and are happy to learn.
- Can join the eduScrum Community of Practice Session for free for three months.

Training Material & Learning Area:
During the first session we are going to open up our Miroboard. After the Follow Up Session you are warmly invited to come onboard the safe learning environment in our Agile Living Room. After the basic training, you can also follow further the eduScrum Shu Ha Ri Learning Path.
When you have more questions sent an email to or join one of our next Welcome Tea Sessions?

[The price of the training is € 750,- per person when you book all three parts of the eduScrum Basic Training as a bundle. The maximum amount of participants will be 18. In this online training and we will work active, and hands-on with Zoom and Google Jamboard, and Miro. Costs for international training, for training possibilities in your country, take contact with us. If it's not possible for you to join because of the costs. Get in touch with us and we can think together about other ways to make your contribution. If you would like to pay via bank transfer and via paypal or credit card, please get in contact with us via ]
eduScrum Basic Training 1-3

Take your first steps by applying and experiencing eduScrum

  • From a Learners' point of view.
  • With various opportunities to reflect what you will encounter in your eduScrum learners team.
  • With different tools that  will inspire your way of teaching and learning online, face-to-face and hybride.
  • By having the opportunity to taste and enter the eduScrum Community of Practice after gaining your certificate 'eduScrum Certified Student - Definition of Ready' (costs are included)
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